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Golf Breaks 4U Drive To Spain - 8th May 2015

Five qualifying events will take place , with the winning pair from each event, going onto contest the Grand Final, held at the fantastic four-star Islantilla Golf Resort.  The Islantilla Golf Course has been ranked as one of the 100 best courses of Continental Europe by the prestigious magazine Golf Digest.

The pairs betterball Stableford competition begins in March 2015 and ends in June 2015. The qualifiers are open to any pair (mixed, men or ladies), played off the yellow tees (red tees for ladies) with a three-quarter handicap allowance. Maximum handicap is 24 for men and 36 for ladies.


The Grand Finalists will enjoy three nights accommodation at the four-star Islantilla Golf Resort, half board, flights, golf carriage, transfers and 2 rounds of golf on the fantastic Islantilla Golf Course. The final will be played in November 2015 (exact date to be confirmed).

In the regional qualifiers, and in addition to the final places, players will have the chance to win GolfBreaks 4U vouchers that can be used in full or towards a golf break of your choice. The qualifiers are being held at great venues and regardless of your finishing position, they offer fantastic value for money.

You will need to act fast to avoid disappointment because there are only limited places available for this prestigious event and the qualifiers are quickly filling. Call 0800 098 8302 or book your place online. Full terms and conditions can be found here.


The Venue

Set in the heart of the rolling Cheshire countryside, the 18-hole Championship and Premier Golf Courses and 9-hole Arderne course have established Macdonald Portal Hotel, Golf & Spa as a distinctive world class championship golf venue. The Academy features leading 'A Star' Swing Analysis Software, a Smart Golf simulator with over 20 courses, a 6-hole putting green and bunker.


What's included in the price?


For just 30.00 per person, you will enjoy the following:


  • 1 Tournament Round on the Championship Courses
  • Nearest the pin
  • Longest drive
  • Energy bar and water
  • 2's comp (extra £2 on the day)
  • Chance to win some top prizes on the day
  • Winners qualify for final Islantilla Golf Resort in November
The Golf Course

The Championship Course at Macdonald Portal Hotel, Golf & Spa , opened in 1990, was named 'Golf Course of the Year' in 1995, and is the star of Portal's golfing complex. Designer Donald Steel has created a challenge that is characterised by unique and distinctive holes; expansive water hazards and cascading waterfalls are among the tests.

The signature is typical of Steel's magnificent 7,037 yard layout - the long third tips the scales at 607 yards, with a green guarded by a beautiful lake.

To be played 8th May 2015


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19th hole


Championship course Summary: Top quality golf resort
RATING : 91%





Competitors must have a valid CONGU handicap to win any of the top three prizes at each event but non active handicap golfers are welcome to play but they can only win the other prizes on offer unless they are part of a society which provides its members with a society handicap verified to CONGU standard. The society will be considered but 50% of its members must have an official CONGU handicap. Please check with us prior to entering the competition as we will need to check that your society meets this criteria. Failure to do so will mean that you are not allowed to win any of the first three prizes.

A. Competition Conditions
  • The GolfBreaks4u Drive To Spain events  will be played under better-ball stableford rules along with a 3/4 handicap allowance. The GolfBreaks4u Drive To Spain is a pairs event, open to mixed, ladies and men. The events will be played off the yellow tees (for men) and ladies will play off the red tees.
  • In the event of a tie, final positions will be decided by a back 9, 6, 3 card count back. For events over two rounds this will count only for the final round.
  • In the event of a regional qualifier either, being delayed, cancelled or declared null and void, additional play will be at the discretion of GolfBreaks4u. Alternative dates, venues or refunds may apply or competitors may be asked to pay an additional entrance fee. If the course remains open this does not apply.
  • Competitors will at all times be liable for their own actions.
  • Competitors are responsible to ensure appropriate clothing is worn at all times and in accordance to specific golf club rules. Anybody failing to adhere to this, will not be able to play and a refund will not be issued. If unsure check prior to the event date by calling 01925 635570 or direct with the golf venue.
  • GolfBreaks4u reserves the right to change any prize without any due notice.
  • GolfBreaks4u reserves the right to amend any players handicap after the 1st round and prior to the start of the 2nd round.
  • GolfBreaks4u reserves the right to cancel or postpone any qualifying competition. In the event of a postponement alternative venues and dates may be offered, if these are not acceptable a full refund will be offered.
  • A copy of the full play conditions and tee times will be available on the day at each venue.
  • The decision and rulings by GolfBreaks4u will in all matters be final and non-negotiable.
B. Entry Conditions
  • Entry will be accepted from any male of female golfer over the age of 16 and with a current valid club handicap of Male 24 or under or Female 36 or under. A 3/4 quarter allowance will be given to every player.
  • All entries are subject to approval by GolfBreaks4u and GolfBreaks4u reserves the right to accept or refuse entries without giving reason for a decision.
  • GolfBreaks4u reserves the right to disqualify any competitor making false statements in regards to their handicap, not a true reflection of your golfing handicap or cheating occurs.
  • Each competitor must be a current member of a golf club and have an ACTIVE handicap issued by a CONGU affiliated golf club. Society golfers (with a society handicap verified to CONGU standard) will be considered but 50% of its members must have an official CONGU handicap.
  • Golfers who do not meet the handicap criteria are welcome to play but they CANNOT win the 1s, 2nd or 3rd prizes on offer.
  • Player's handicaps will be checked and researched. GolfBreaks4u reserves the right to disqualify from this year's competition, and ban any players from future GolfBreaks4u  competitions, if there are any signs that a player's handicap has been 'managed' and so is not reflective of their actual playing handicap.
  • Entrance fees will not be refunded unless agreed by GolfBreaks4u and requested within 30 working days of the event entered.
  • Competitors are responsible for their own individual liability insurance.
C. Prize Conditions
  • Prizes are non-transferable and only competitors competing within Regional qualifiers can play in the final.
  • No single competitor can receive a prize with a value of over £500 in any one competition as per R & A Rules of Amateur Status.
  • The 3 day trip to Islantilla Golf Resort will include flights, golf carriage, return transfers to Islantilla Golf Resort, 2 Rounds of Golf and Half Board.
D. Press and Publicity

1. By entering the GolfBreaks4u Drive to Spain, and agreeing to the conditions of entry, competitors also agree to GolfBreaks4u 's use of publicity and any imagery or quotes attributed to a competitor can be used.


Prize Conditions
  • Prizes are non-transferable and only the original pair that competed in the Regional qualifiers can play in the final. If one or other of the original pair cannot attend and play in the final event, it will not be possible to introduce a substitute or for one player from the pair to play on their own. In this instance, the original winning pair will be excluded from the final and the next best pair from the qualifier in question will replace the pair that cannot attend.
  • GolfBreaks4u reserves the right to exclude any winning pairs from attending the final without giving reason for the decision. In some instances, a refund of the entry fee will be given back to the competitor/s if this happens. This excludes cheating or not being able to prove their current active handicap.
  • No single competitor can receive a prize with a value of over £500 in any one competition as per R & A Rules of Amateur Status.
  • No cash alternative will be offered in any instance.  


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